8 Years Ago…

Tomorrow will mark 8 years since I met my husband. I'm not much of a numbers person but I like dates. Especially when they work out so nicely. We met September 2, 2008 on my first day of high school. We started dating March 2, 2009 (coincidentally also my birthday (1993) and the day that... Continue Reading →


When it was just us.

Perfectly sums up my feelings as I navigate life with a toddler and newborn.

Girl in the Corner

Last night as I was rushing through a shower to wash the ever-present milk smell off of myself (just to get spit up on again right after), a familiar song came on Pandora. It was one that my husband used for his alarm sound when we were newly weds. It caught me by surprise when my eyes started to tear up. Instantly, there was this wave of emotion that swept over me with just the first few notes. The feeling ran deep. It was powerful. I was taken back to those mornings, waking up with him beside me and starting the slow crawl out of bed to get ready for work…already looking forward to getting home to curl up with each other on the couch. It was just us.

I miss my husband.

We are three years into this marriage. We don’t hold hands. He sleeps on the couch. I…

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