Introducing Ignatius!

This post is about 5 1/2 months late. 🙂 But here is our newest addition.

SAM_0672 10600579_10202376132911312_5072506523356046557_n

He was born March 12th 2014 at 4:03 AM. This guy was a big baby, weighing in at 8 lbs 3 ozs and 21.5 inches long. I went into labor naturally this time and he was born just shy of 38 weeks gestation. He had just a little trouble with his breathing but after a few hours under a warming lamp in the nursery he was perfectly fine and we avoided any NICU visit. The top picture is from the day after he was born and the bottom picture is just last week. He’s taken to breastfeeding like a champ, but I struggled due to his tongue tie causing this momma a lot of pain for the first 9 weeks. I was able to again have a natural childbirth but things got a little dicey when it seemed like he had gotten stuck. Obviously no one expected a women whose first baby was just 5 lbs 8 ozs to give birth to a 8lb baby. So everyone was surprised at his size and I am blessed that my body decided that it was time to go into labor and not wait another 2 weeks.

In other news, he was born as my college classes were on the verge of finishing up. Luckily due to good communication, my professors and I worked out a plan and everything got turned in. I also was able to finish the next term and I start the fall term at the end of September. Slowly but surely I am working my way towards that degree.

My oldest is going to be turning two next month. The time has flown. He’s now racing around the house, often barely missing running over his brother. We are moving again at the end of this week and William enjoys unpacking the boxes as I try to pack things up. Our newest struggle has been potty training, which has been put on hold until after we move. He was ready at 15 months but I was in my third trimester and too exhausted to attempt it.


With two kids and college starting up again next month I am not sure when I’ll get time to write again. I’d like to be able to post more often here and will do my best to do that.

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