Can You Imagine?

Stop and imagine…

Take a few minutes, close your eyes, and picture this.

The United States becomes a dangerous place for everyone. War torn and ravaged, families are forced to run from place to place, trying to not be killed or captured. Towns are burned, cities become battlefields, and there is no protection for civilians.
It’s a struggle for survival. Everyday there is the high risk of disease, starvation, injury, and death.

Now imagine someone you know who has children, maybe even yourself. Maybe it’s your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends kids, your students. You know that if you stay in the United States with the children, they will always be in danger. You decide to flee and seek refuge in another country nearby.

When you reach the borders of this country instead of being accepted or at least turned back, you find a new horror. The children are taken from you. Crying, tears streaming down their faces they call out for their mother. They don’t understand what is happening. You don’t understand what is happening. You have no say in the matter and can only pray that at least the children will find safety or that they’ll be reunited with you someday. You watch the same thing happening to other families around you. A father is subdued as he tries to cling onto his 7 year old daughter and protect her from the men trying to take her. A mother screams as her 2 year old is taken from her arms and carried away.

The children are placed in detention centers. These barren buildings struggle with resources to keep the children safe. Supervision is low and the adults present are as bad as the military you were trying to escape from. If they are lucky they are put in a malfunctioning foster care system that is already overtaxed. Without knowing how to communicate they are even more likely to be abused, sexual molested, and raped. The people of this country ignore the abuse and blame the children’s families for their plight. Some are “misplaced” and sold into slavery. Death becomes a welcome release from their living hell.

These are not strangers to you. These are your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students, and friends. Don’t try to get by and picture them as strangers.

I cannot understand how anyone with an ounce of compassion can stand behind a horrific policy such as this. I cannot understand how anyone who aligns themselves with a “good” religion or says that they have good morals and values, can stand behind such a policy. Honestly, if you can stand by and let this happen and even go as far as saying that these immigrants deserve this, then I have no respect for you.

This is sickening and Americans stand by and condone it. Christians are standing by and condoning this.

Stop and imagine…

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  1. I sincerely hope you do not come to regret posting this. You are a caring, empathetic, civic-minded person. Those are the facts. This is actually happening, and we feel agonizingly helpless. We must spread the word, express our outrage and gather voices to protest these actions.

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