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A Mother’s Leadership

I was recently filling out the departmental scholarship application for my upcoming college year when I was asked to respond to this prompt: “Describe examples of your leadership experience in which you have significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or

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Summer Fun

So I thought I would try to lighten up the mood on my blog a bit. I know that I do post a lot of pro-life things. It is a topic that is very important to me. One that is

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Fear of Recipes

My husband and I have tons of cookbooks. But whenever we sit down to try to decide on supper and browse them I get overwhelmed. There is usually an ingredient or two that we don’t have. I just don’t have

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What I Have Been Busy With

In case anyone was wondering why nothing has been posted, I had been pushing myself to finish my last semester of college. I was a couple of weeks behind and had some major catching up to do. Well it’s all

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