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A Mother’s Leadership

I was recently filling out the departmental scholarship application for my upcoming college year when I was asked to respond to this prompt: “Describe examples of your leadership experience in which you have significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or

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Kindness over Judgement

This blog post was inspired by A Single Snapshot over at One Mother to Another blog. When I was at the library studying with baby girl yesterday, Tony took the boys to do grocery shopping. It was one of those

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Birthday Boy

So here are some photos from William’s birthday bash. I did not include any of the festivities in order to respect guests privacy. But it seemed like everyone (including William) had a blast. We made WAY too much food and

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You Can Say The Name of my Dead Child

There are tons of varying views of what constitutes a human being and when a human life begins. Scientifically a human life begins at the moment of conception and you can’t deny that fact. “Resolving the question of when human

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Where Have I Been?

My husband and I are expecting our rainbow baby on March 27 2014! It has been a rough first trimester but everything is looking good right now. I’m quite a bit more nausous then I was with my son. Perhaps

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Unfinished Posts and Party Planning

I just realized I have 8 drafts of blog posts. Either they were ideas I did not have the time to write about at that moment or posts that require a lot of time to research. Some of them are

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A New Crib

Since we were living in cramped quarters and because I didn’t think it would be necessary, William has used his playpen as a crib for the past 10 months. Which has worked perfectly. Until last week when he learned to

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