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A Mother’s Leadership

I was recently filling out the departmental scholarship application for my upcoming college year when I was asked to respond to this prompt: “Describe examples of your leadership experience in which you have significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or

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Teen Mothers: How to Approach Judgement

Let’s face it, statistics are against teenage mothers. We can’t deny this fact. Below are some statistics that we have to face. Keep in mind that these statistics are for mothers under 20. That means that if you had a

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What NOT to Assume About a Young Mother

I will admit that some of these are statistically accurate. However that does not mean you should be assuming them when you see a young mother. 1. They are promiscuous.

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What I Have Been Busy With

In case anyone was wondering why nothing has been posted, I had been pushing myself to finish my last semester of college. I was a couple of weeks behind and had some major catching up to do. Well it’s all

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