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8 Years Ago…

Tomorrow will mark 8 years since I met my husband. I’m not much of a numbers person but I like dates. Especially when they work out so nicely. We met September 2, 2008 on my first day of high school.

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Rundown of a Facebook Conversation

This post will make a lot more sense if you read this one first. Basically this is a conversation I had on Facebook and later the “friend” stated that she had called me out on my “bullshit.” Below in italics

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A Letter to a Facebook “Friend”

Dear Facebook Friend, After our previous disagreements over life and abortion I have not made it a habit to look and see what you are posting. This is especially true after your last passive-aggressive post. However on Saturday I was

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Amazon Order Should Get Here Soon…

Amazon tells me that my order arrived at my local shipping facility today. So hopefully it will arrive at my house tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. Part of the order is a Anime DVD for my brother’s birthday present. The other

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If You Are Going to be Passive Aggressive at Least Get Your Facts Straight

So this is my blog and I can post whatever I wish, but I better warn you that this is a vent post. It is also quite lengthy but I believe worth it. It is also once again abortion related.

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Pornography – “Just a Guy Thing”?

Browsing online forums and Facebook mother pages I see a common trend. When a woman questions whether or not she should be upset about her husband watching porn the general reply is “It’s a guy thing.” Women are made to

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Convictions I Cannot Ignore

Before I start this, let me say; I am not looking for a debate on this post. This is merely a personal reflection of a very strong conviction God has been placing on my heart for a long time. Something

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