The War on Children and Families – Introductory Look

I plan on going into this more deeply later with facts and figures. But until then…

I am seriously starting to believe that there is a silent war on children and families in our society.

Not just through abortion. Though that is a big factor in this. Acceptance of abortion teaches people that an unwanted unborn child is not worth as much as one who is born and/or wanted. It teaches people that a child is disposable so long as you do it before you give birth. It devalues children and motherhood.
Also through society’s push on women that having children will prevent them from “having it all,” from being “successful,” it will ruin their beauty, and they will forever be dependent on men (which apparently having a relationship where you can trust that your husband can work and pay the bills is a bad thing).
Then we see the increasing number of businesses that are instituting child free zones, or prohibiting children all together. We also see many people out in public who outright despise children and families. Especially those in the lower or middle class (what is left of the middle class that is).
We see marriage not being supported, resulting in more broken families or single parent families. I understand that being a single parent is often necessary especially if you were in an abusive relationship. The point that I am addressing is that divorce is extremely prevalent in today’s society and is seen as acceptable for reasons that would have never been acceptable in the past. In my eyes divorce should never be considered as an option to a problem in a relationship unless that problem is abuse or adultery and all other avenues (e.g. counseling etc) have been exhausted OR the situation is too dangerous to use other options to resolve it.
We see people who focus on their families being put down. Being seen as worth less because they don’t choose to focus on money or a career.
Also marriage is being downplayed and seen as unimportant. Again I am not referring to everyone, I do know a few couples who obviously have made the no marriage thing work and are very committed to each other. I am mostly referring to how it is acceptable for young people to have sex outside of marriage and live together and not face the consequences that it brings. Sex being viewed as mechanism only for pleasure has created a society where the consequences of sex (a baby) are not realized. Then when those consequences do happen society gives people a way out through abortion.
I also think that marriage is suffering under the homosexuality movement. Not only is marriage being redefined in a way that it was never meant to be. But we also see churches and businesses be forced to accept homosexuality. Some recent cases I have heard of include a same-sex couple who sued a church who refused to perform their marriage ceremony. Or the case of a photographer who got in trouble for politely refusing to photograph a same-sex couple’s committment ceremony on the grounds that she religiously disagreed with it.
Many studies have shown that children need two parents in the home ( a mother and a father). When one of these parents are absent (whether completely or due to a career or personal choice) it very negatively affects the children.

It is also no longer acceptable to have a large family. In fact two children is seen as enough, one is ideal and if you have more you are either stupid, irresponsible or crazy.

I am sure there are many other ways that the war on children and families is being waged. It is sad that we have gotten to this point in our society. One can only wonder where it will end.

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One comment on “The War on Children and Families – Introductory Look
  1. Chris says:

    I think you’re seeing what I’m seeing haha

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