The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been meaning to post about this. Unfortunately this will have to be an edited post later on because I don’t have enough time tonight to add all the blogs onto it (I’ve got work bright and early tomorrow). So be sure to check back.
I was surprised and pleased to see that another blogger had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. As per instructions I am suppose to do the following. 🙂


The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog

2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So first to thank ‘Just an Okie Family’ for nominating me. It really does matter to see that folks are enjoying what I write and I am very honored that you enjoy my blog posts.

7 Interesting Things About Myself:
1. While I may have met my husband during my freshmen year of high school (first year of public school since 5th grade), I was against dating anyone. I made this very very clear to all my friends including him. I was tired of chasing after boys and I also was not allowed to date until I was 16 anyway. My plan was to wait until my junior or senior year of high school or even wait until college before I dated anyone. Ever hear anyone give you the advice to just stop looking for love and it will come to you. That’s what happened. 🙂

2. My husband and I met on September 2, 2008. We started dating exactly 6 months later on March 2, 2009, which was also my 16th birthday. Believe it or not this was not planned. We were chatting online and I finally got up the guts to tell him I liked him. Obviously the feeling was mutual. It wasn’t until afterward that we realized that it was past midnight and officially my birthday. Another funny thing about March 2, on March 2, 1992 my parents got engaged. Exactly a year later I was born. So we decided to keep the 2nd thing going when we got married and chose the date of June 2, 2012 as our wedding date.
3. I want a big family. A year ago I would have said that I had no idea how many kids I wanted. A few months after William was born I was doubting that I wanted anymore kids, at least none that I had to give birth to. Sleep deprivation and hormones can do that to you. Now I’ve realized that I do want a large family. Some pregnancy issues run in my genetics so I am not sure how many children I will give birth to, but I also really want to foster and adopt. Of course that will be quite a few years down the road, but that is our plan.
4. Here’s one that may get me in trouble with my family. My son was not conceived because birth control failed. That was the easiest way to explain it to everyone asking. Seriously everyone thought it was their business to ask if the condom had broke or if I had been using birth control. I even had my teachers asking me. It really wasn’t their business at all. So here’s the truth, we were being risky teenagers and thought we were safe. Guess what, it was not the end of the world when I found out I was pregnant (ok the first 24 hours after it seemed like it was). But Tony and I were very happy about it. I don’t ever encourage unmarried sex, and some call me a hypocrite for that. But I’ve been there, done that and was blessed that I did end up with who God intended me to. That isn’t the case for the huge majority and just because my situation turned out ok doesn’t mean that it will for others. Sex is intended for marriage. I do wish that I had remembered that, but I am also thankful for my son and husband.
5. I tend to get off topic (in case you have not noticed). I’m very passionate about sharing my life experiences thus far and tend to start going on and on and on and on… you get the idea. I’ve always been opinionated so blogging seemed like an appropriate outlet. That and a lot of my Facebook friends are about ready to strangle me I believe for being too controversial and going against the societal norm. I can be very abrasive without meaning to when I get going which is not suitable for Facebook. Hence a blog, where you can read what I write or just skip over it with the excuse that it is too long.
6. I was a 4-H member for 8+ years. I am also trained to be a 4-H volunteer if I had the time. I love 4-H and think it offers amazing opportunities for anyone. It’s not just an agricultural club anymore either. You can do a project in basically anything you want. While in 4-H my huge focus was dogs, but I also did rabbits, embroidery, knitting, marine biology, sewing, and horses. I got to be a state delegate representing my state at both the National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference. I traveled and competed at the Eastern States Exposition. I did a lot of things both local and national. I love 4-H and when my life slows down a bit I plan on getting back into it as a volunteer.
7. My first job was a “Lobster Hatchery Technician.” That’s right, I worked in one of the only lobster hatcheries in the world. I got the job as an internship and spent 3 summers working there before moving on to the National Park Service. I basically helped run the lobster hatchery where we raised Maine Lobsters through the most dangerous larval stages and then released them when they had a much much higher chance of surviving in the ocean. This is also the reason why I feel so guilty about eating lobster now. They are just so cute during the larval stages.

Blogs I Nominate:
I will try to do 15 but it may take me a few days to add them because it is getting late and I need a shower before work. 🙂 So in no particular order.

1. Harsh Reality

As is his goal, I don’t agree with everything that An Opinionated Man has to say, but the reason I appreciate this blog is because he is so blatantly straightforward. I can respect and admire that. He is also an excellent and vivid writer. He has a very varied vocabulary which is not seen as much in today’s internet authors. His posts are not always controversial as well. He has some freewrites that are very interesting and some posts that just really make you sit back and think.

2. The Matt Walsh Blog

Again a very outspoken blog which I can appreciate. This is the only blog that I have ever reblogged a post from. I also share many of the same views with Matt who happens to be more eloquent in explaining them in many cases. His blog is very political so be aware of that, but he puts things in very clear language.

3. Domestic Geek Girl

She has already been nominated once, but I’ve got to nominate her again. Her posts are fun and varied. I’m also a sucker for other high school sweethearts like myself. Her love for her husband is very evident in her blog and that can cheer me up any day. Also the fact that both her and her husband cosplay is pretty cool. Oh and did I mention that she has a great sense of humor that is evident in her posts (another reason why they are guaranteed to cheer me up). Overall her posts make me think that if we lived close we would probably be at least friends if not best buds. 🙂

4. Two Cats and a Cradle

If you are thinking about adopting, in the process of adopting or just want to read some great blog posts about this families journey towards adopting this is a great blog. A lot of the posts are really helpful for folks who are looking to adopt.

5.  A Song Unto the Lord

A great Christian blog with lots of helpful and thoughtful blog posts. She does an excellent job of backing up her writing with relevant Bible verses. Her posts are also very encouraging and sometimes challenging.

6. A Virtuous Wife

Another great Christian blog, from a Catholic perspective. Not only does she blog about her family but also about world issues such as abortion. I also enjoyed reading her post about NFP which is not a commonly addressed subject. She really approaches what it means to be a Biblical woman.

EDIT: I just got started blogging a few months ago so I will have to add more nominations as I find them. 🙂

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  1. I feel honored!! Thank you! I adore your honesty and candidness; it’s awfully refreshing! My younger sister was a teen mom with a similar story. People need to realize that every teen mom story does not look like what MTV depicts. Bless you for trusting in the Lord and sharing your experience.

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