A New Crib

Since we were living in cramped quarters and because I didn’t think it would be necessary, William has used his playpen as a crib for the past 10 months. Which has worked perfectly. Until last week when he learned to take off his diaper. This resulted in a 6am bath for a very well “painted” baby who thought that the fact that mommy was giving him a bath first thing in the morning was hilarious. Mommy was not as impressed. Neither was Daddy who had just arrived home from work a few hours before and was told to get out of bed and start helping clean up. Have I ever mentioned I am not the nicest person in the morning?
So I had seen on Facebook how you can just throw the collapsed playpen into the tub and wash it. The thing was covered so there wasn’t many other options other then throwing it away. So lots of hot water and detergent and into the tub it went. The tub method does work for cleaning playpens, to a certain extent. It came out looking brand new and I put everything outside to dry.
William had a bad morning nap without his playpen to sleep in and so come his afternoon nap we brought it back in. It seemed dry. A few days later I realized I should have waited. Apparently there must be some type of board material in the pad part of playpens (don’t ask me why I did not realize this sooner). When this gets wet and you do not let it lie flat to dry out completely, well you get a very warped pad. You could see where William tended to lay. Needless to say it was not comfortable for him.
So Tuesday, the one day in a long long time that my hubby and I have gotten to ourselves, we spent going to get a crib. They don’t give those things away and in our area you don’t have many options at all. We managed to find one that has gotten great reviews. My last two weeks of pay went towards purchasing it and the mattress. The good thing is that it does convert into a toddler bed and later into a twin headboard and foot-board. We got home and spent the majority of the rest of our time together putting it all together. It was sort of nice because I got super excited about how pretty it looked and how much William was going to love it. I missed out on the whole ‘putting the crib together’ excitement when I was pregnant so I guess I was making up for it. I thought that William was going to flip out about the transition but he couldn’t care less. However he does seem to like the crib as you can see from the photo shoot I did earlier today where I stuck him in it. Of course he already is trying to see how it tastes so I’ve got to look into a way to keep it protected.

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