Summer Fun

So I thought I would try to lighten up the mood on my blog a bit. I know that I do post a lot of pro-life things. It is a topic that is very important to me. One that is easy for me to get inspired to write about. But today I will share a little of what has been happening this summer for my son William.

William has adjusted to his dad working 6 days a week a lot better then I thought he would. He has not adjusted as well to me working 1 day a week. His dad has worked throughout William’s life so I guess that he is more use to seeing him leave and knows that he will be back. When I leave it is tears and when I get back he will start crying if I put him down even for a second. Poor little man.

I haven’t adjusted as well to this summer schedule. I’m use to having my husband around to help with the housework and now I have to take full responsibility for the cleanliness of the house. My hubby is pretty awesome though, because on his day off (when I work) he does try to make sure that all the dishes are done and things are picked up. I really really appreciate this.

Since I don’t have my drivers license yet we haven’t been able to take off anywhere when my husband is at work. Granted our second car broke down beyond reasonable repair a while ago, so that wouldn’t be possible anyway. But William and I have been spending a lot of time with my parents and 5 year old sister. We’ve gone to quite a few places this summer and had a lot of fun.

Below is a Flickr photostream that I will try to update over the summer.

William also had his 9 month checkup today, even though he is closer to 10 months. He is doing great. A little under the average for height and weight but our doctor isn’t worried at all. He had to get one shot and he was overtired when he got it. But he easily got distracted by his new book by the time we left.

Flickr Photostream Link


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