A Letter to a Facebook “Friend”

Dear Facebook Friend,

After our previous disagreements over life and abortion I have not made it a habit to look and see what you are posting. This is especially true after your last passive-aggressive post. However on Saturday I was scrolling down my Facebook feed seeing what others may have posted that day when I came across a post on the Texas Abortion Bill. Thinking it would be interesting to see what you had to say and how you expressed yourself on this topic I read further. To find this nice little tidbit.

“I fucking hate people sometimes. I don’t care what you believe in, I really could care less because it’s not my business and I frankly don’t care, but if you try to infringe upon the RIGHTS of an ENTIRE GENDER just because the book you base your faith on says it’s bad I will speak up.

I have heard and read so many people’s reasons for being “pro-life”, everything from abortions having a very very small chance of negatively impacted future fertility to people “living with the consequences of their actions”, and they just baffle me. They ignore scientific facts to support their arguments, such as the ‘fact’ that fetuses feel pain by 9 weeks which is NOT true since they have not developed the neural pathways that pain signals travel on until at least 20 weeks.

All I can say is that no one has an inherent right to exist. A fetus uses its mother’s body to get the nutrients that it needs to form, it literally can not survive outside of the mother’s body until a certain point where it is viable, and it is not made up of cells that have any real difference to the stem cells that adults have (only more of a flexibility of what they can become). There is no magic energy that these cells have to create a fetus, they are cells just like the ones in my body that die and get replaced.

There is one girl on this site that I am constantly baffled hasn’t ‘unfriended’ me here because we have such different opinions and I call her out on her bullshit. She was nice in high school, we got along rather okay, and then she got pregnant, got married, and then apparently lost her mind. Well, actually it seems she lost her mind after she had a miscarriage, which is unfortunate but not a reason to deny her entire gender rights regarding their reproduction. Well, I’ve always considered her to be an odd duck.

EVERYONE should be treated equally, regardless of any superficial differences we are all human and we all should have the same rights. The rights that women enjoy now have only been around, at most, for 40 years. I will live to see the 100 anniversary of when women got the right to vote in the US, I may see the 100th anniversary of when women (initially) got the right to terminate a pregnancy without risking death and disease, but I may never see the 100th anniversary of when women get the right to be paid the same as men for the same job because that hasn’t happened yet.

Think about that before you support politicians who try to limit the rights of women.”

First you are still upset about a conversation we had almost a month ago. Secondly my views are not just based on the Bible. My views are based on scientific facts as well as statistics and studies. I have quoted these scientific facts to you already and you have chosen to ignore them. Thirdly, yes I understand that one fact in my original post that began this debate was misinformed. I let you know that the figures I had quoted were disputed and I understood that now. “The time at which a child can feel pain in the womb is very much disputed. Some research claims that the earliest date is 8 weeks, others say not until 7 months. The fact being that the most primitive features necessary to feel pain are present between 8 to 9 weeks,” is what I told you. There is still a lot of dispute over when a baby feels pain in the womb. My 9 week figure is on the youngest end of the scale.
If “no one has an inherent right to exist” then why do we have laws prohibiting murder? Yes a child in the womb must rely on it’s mother, but from the point of conception is is scientifically and genetically a unique human being. It is developing just like an infant develops into a toddler and a child develops into a teenager. The term “fetus” is just another stage of our lives. Just because someone is a fetus does not make their humanity null and void. You make it out that this genetically unique human being is just another one of your cells and tissues, when it scientifically is not.
Why have I not “unfriended” you? Because I believe that everyone does have a right to their opinion, however flawed I may think that opinion is. Also because you are no real physical threat to me. Thirdly because it seems that unfriending you is what you want me to do. Perhaps so you can again post a passive aggressive status making it out that I unfriended you just because you were “right?” If I were to unfriend you it would be for your rudeness and your passive aggressive behavior, which honestly I cannot stand.

Furthermore you did not call me out on my “bullshit.” This statement was so absurd that I wrote a separate blog post so that the world could see your logic and “facts.”

I didn’t argue with you in high school because I was not as educated on this topic as I am now. I was pro-life but I did not know the facts completely enough to back myself up in an argument. I was more comfortable at that point agreeing to disagree. However 5 years later and I do have the facts. I am not willing to back down on a matter of life or death.
The birth of my son, my marriage and my recent miscarriage all did influence me to start speaking out against abortion. I did not go crazy as you suggest. Believing that life should be protected and backing up that belief with scientific facts is not “crazy.” The birth of my son taught me about motherhood, which I am still learning a lot about every day. I married a man who stands beside me and shares the same beliefs. If we had conflicting interests in this area we would not be married. My miscarriage opened my eyes to a little of what women are choosing every day under the impression that they are just ridding themselves of some “cells” or “tissue.” As I bled and lost our child I experienced a little part of what a women would experience during an abortion, and that would only be if she had an early abortion with the pill. I have no experience in having a child taken out of you piece by piece, as the nurse stands by and makes sure that all the body parts are present and accounted for. I unwillingly lost Kai. But for many women they choose to lose their children while believing the lies that are fed to them. Kai was a person the day he was conceived. He was genetically unique. He was growing and developing every day, the same as my son William grows and develops every day.
I am not denying my entire gender their rights. I am fighting for the rights of the unborn males and females who are aborted every day under the guise of “choice” and “reproductive rights.” We as women do NOT have the right to end a child’s life, inside or outside the womb.


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