Amazon Order Should Get Here Soon…

Amazon tells me that my order arrived at my local shipping facility today. So hopefully it will arrive at my house tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. Part of the order is a Anime DVD for my brother’s birthday present. The other part I am pretty excited about.

Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments‘ by Randy Alcorn and ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility‘ by Toni Weschler. Both books are sure to be helpful and I am looking forward to reading them. During the summer I have been finding more time to read what I would like to read, instead of textbooks. It is pretty nice. I haven’t delved into any light reading yet, and probably won’t for some time. For now I am focusing on a great parenting book I was given by someone at my church and a book on grieving and infant loss.

I encourage women to look into Fertility Awareness if not Natural Family Planning. NFP has often been viewed as a religious form of birth control but it isn’t. Both involve learning how to read the signs that your body naturally gives when you are approaching fertility. The big difference is that Fertility Awareness is the secular name for NFP and is more accepting of using birth control during the fertile period. Whereas NFP often encourages abstinence during the fertile period (with good reasoning, if using birth control only during fertile periods then if it fails you have a good chance of being pregnant, with abstinence that doesn’t happen). At the very least you learn a lot about your body and will know when something is not right. It’s a great thing to look into, even if it is not your primary form of birth control.

Well I have dishes to do. I realize this was a little bit of a random post, mostly just because I was excited about my new books coming.


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