What Pregnancy Hormones Can Do…

Last summer when I was pregnant with William my husband and I went to the state fair. Here we got a goldfish from one of the games. Unfortunately he was in the bag too long as we had to deal with a family emergency the same night and got home very late. I put him the tank with fairly low hopes for his survival. The next morning he was dead.
My husband in an attempt to make me feel better got me another goldfish. In a few days it too died.
My husband got me a third and fourth fish. This time they were a Bettas. I had owned Bettas before and had no problems caring for them. Within a few days one had died.
I was desperate to keep the last Betta alive. We did intensive research. We bought a book. We got a thermometer for it’s tank. We got the most highly recommended food. We got water treatment drops. I let the water sit overnight to get rid of any air bubbles and get to room temperature like it was suggested. I made sure everything was perfect for my Betta. He seemed to be thriving. A week passed. His tank was getting dirty again so I carefully changed the water. The next morning I checked on him and fed him. My husband asked how he was doing and I told him that he was doing great. After my husband went to work I went to sit down and watch my fish.

He was hovering at the bottom of the tank. Barely responsive. I knew something was wrong. I transferred him to a smaller container. He was barely breathing. As I stared at him, begging him to live, I saw his gills desperately move and then stop.
I was heartbroken. Over a fish. I am sure that pregnancy hormones had something to do with it. I called my mom crying. When my husband came home I broke down in tears again. I told him I couldn’t have a baby. How could I take care of a baby if I couldn’t even keep a fish alive! I swore up and down that I could not be a good mother if I couldn’t even keep a fish alive. I felt incapable of caring for another living thing. I was a complete wreck over a fish.
I am happy to say that my son is now 9 months old and I can take care of him. My worries and insecurities as a pregnant woman were not legitimate. We also are pretty sure that there was something in the well water that was bad for the fish, hence why they kept dieing. Overall the situation became something to laugh about, though I still feel sad for all the fish. Unfortunetly my husband has not been interested in getting more fish, even though we have since moved. I wonder why?

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