Why I am Pro-Life

Want to know why I am pro-life? And why I am now speaking out about it?


First keep in mind that by 9 weeks after conception a baby can feel pain while in the womb.
This first picture is William at 10 weeks and 5 days. I could have legally had him aborted with only my consent. See his nose and mouth, his hands and little feet. His fingers and toes would be formed at this point. We heard his heartbeat on this day, it had been beating for some time before then. A baby’s heart begins pumping blood through their circulatory system at 21 days after conception. Tony couldn’t stop smiling after we heard Williams heartbeat.

The second picture is William at 18 weeks and 1 day. Maine allows abortions up until the “fetus” is considered viable outside the womb. Most doctors agree this point of viability is around 24 weeks. Which means that legally I could have still aborted William. Even if I couldn’t find a doctor in Maine to do it I could have gone to another state and had it done.
It is the public policy of the State that the State not restrict a woman’s exercise of her private decision to terminate a pregnancy before viability except as provided in section 1597-A.
“Viability” means the state of fetal development when the life of the fetus may be continued indefinitely outside the womb by natural or artificial life-supportive systems.
William was kicking me by this point. We found out on that day that we were having a baby boy. He would have been developing his hearing, and possibly even been able to hear at this point. Between 16 to 20 weeks is when a baby starts being able to hear. He would be able to breath and swallow fluid, in preparation for his life outside my womb.

I could have legally aborted my child any time before 24 weeks.
Here is a picture of a 24 week 6 day old baby who was born early due to complications.
Doesn’t look like just a ball of cells does he? Looks like a baby to me.

The third photo is William after he was born, and the fourth is a recent photo of him as a happy, healthy almost 9 month old who likes to make faces. 🙂

William as a newborn William at 9 months

So why is it right to kill a child just because it isn’t the right time for you. Why is it considered alright to call a child in the womb just a fetus or a ball of cells or medical waste if they are before the point of accepted viability. Especially when they are breathing, swallowing, kicking, feeling pain and they have a heartbeat. Why should we have the choice to kill another human being just because we considered them an inconvenience to us at the time. These same arguments wouldn’t work if we killed someone who lived outside the womb.

When I miscarried I did not lose “medical waste,” which is how most hospitals treat a child who is lost before 20 weeks of age. I did not lose a “ball of cells” or a “fetus.” I lost a child, and through losing that child I had an experience that was quite similar to the experience women choose when they take a pill to get rid of a “mistake.” I would never choose that experience. I would never wish that experience upon anyone in this world. That horrifying experience will be etched in my mind until the day I die.

So I know, not just feel, that abortion is wrong. It is killing a living human being. A unique human with their own genetic code, their own futures and stories yet to be told. Until these children have protection and justice I will not stop speaking out. My son will be taught the value of life. I will support those who have realized that their decision to abort was wrong. I will offer them love and compassion. I will pray for those that continue to support the murder of unborn children. I will be a voice for the voiceless.

Because, at some point I could have been one of those voiceless. I was a birth control baby. I wasn’t suppose to be conceived. My mother could have said “now is not the right time for this. It was a mistake, a slip up.” She could have aborted me.
If you were born after 1973, your mother could have legally done the same. You would have been the voiceless then.

** Note: There have been disputes about my 9 week figure for when a child feels pain. The exact point that a child can feel pain is highly disputed. Some medical experts say 8-9 weeks while others say not until 7 months. The 9 week figure included in this post is based on the fact that the basic structures needed to feel pain are developed. There have also been videos taken of children in the womb reacting and pulling away from sharp objects, and sometimes opening their mouths as if to scream.

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  1. You are perfectly entitled on moral or any other grounds to be pro-life. No one is really “pro-abortion” anyway. However, science is science, and you don’t get to make up your own facts. Pain can’t be processed through the brain (perceived AS pain, distinct from other sensory input) prior to the formation of thalamocortical connections, which is at about 26 weeks. Your 9 week figure is absurd.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I obtained my statement from the fact that at 9 weeks all the structures that are necessary to feel pain are developed. There has also been documentation that babies pull away from needles puncturing them while in the womb during early term abortions. This in my mind is a good amount of evidence that children do feel pain while in the womb from a very young age.

  2. Wonderfully put 🙂 Your baby boy is so beautiful. I read an article where a woman gave birth early and where she was they would save the baby unless she was 24weeks along. She lied so that they would put in the effort to save her child, she was actually 20 weeks I believe. That baby survived. I think it is selfish of our society to be okay with murdering babies. I feel heartbroken, yet relieved, for those angel babies who never stood a chance. I hope God has a special place in heaven for them.

    1. Thank you. I remember reading that story. I hadn’t realized that before 24 weeks they would not do anything to save the child, even if they saw the child had a chance. The baby did survive.

  3. Very well put! I am currently 13 weeks pregnant but this “ball of cells” IS MY CHILD. and if i didn’t want the baby, I’m sure another couple would be overjoyed to love and care for this child.

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