The Little Things Matter

My husband and I have been under almost a never-ending array of bad events and stress for the past few months. There’s been little patches of time where everything seemed to be improving and then something else would happen to ruin it. It has been hard to trust God during these times of trials especially when it seems like everything is against us. It’s hard to see the blessings through the haze of stress. But we have been trying. This stress has been straining my husband and my relationship. Not to a dangerous point but to a point where is is noticeable. It has been hard to find the time for ourselves. The past few days my husband has been making an especially big effort to show how much he cares. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

A little background on our most recent stressers, certainly not all. Friday my teenage brother (who has been staying with us for the past few weeks) left for a weekend trip. We finally had our apartment back to ourselves for a little while and didn’t have to worry about parenting a teenage boy. Only a couple hours later we got a call that my father-in-law was heading back to the hospital with a possible bad infection. This of course significantly increased our stress as we worried. He had just gotten home from a long hospital stay a few weeks prior and was lucky to be alive. At this point I wanted to just curl up in bed for the weekend and not deal with the world. However there was shopping and housework to be done and we had to check on the cats at my parents house.
So we head out to Wal-Mart to go grocery shopping and my husband buys me a bouquet of flowers that my son helped him pick out. After we put away everything at home we head down to my parents and my husband is holding my hand in the car. Which he hasn’t done for a while. I was trying to make conversation so I ask him what he is thinking. Instead of his normal response of “Nothing much” he tells me he was thinking about how beautiful my eyes are. Last night after I got back from work we stopped by the local mart for some dinner supplies and I mentioned that if he wanted anything for dessert to pick it up. He came back to the car with a flavor of local brand ice cream that he knows I love but don’t get very often. It made my day that he remembered that little fact about me. Sunday morning we decided to go out to breakfast and after stopped by a local seasonal shop to browse. Here my husband bought me a beautiful bracelet. These were some of the things that really stuck out, but throughout the weekend he has been especially caring and considerate as well.

The important thing to realize in any relationship is that the little things do matter. When you stop holding your spouse’s hand in the car, or kissing them before they leave your house, it does have an impact. These little things are often some of the most important ways we show that we love and care about someone. I love the bracelet my husband got me, but what I love even more is that he remember an obscure fact about what local ice cream flavor I liked. Try to bring back some little things you haven’t done for your spouse in a while. You may be surprised with the change it brings in your relationship.

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