Introductions: My Son


My son’s name is William Adriel. William after my husband and my husband’s father, and Adriel is a name I found in my family history. William basically means “protection” and Adriel means “fellowship of God,” but it can also mean “flock of God” or “my help is God.” Another fun fact is that my husband, his father, and my son all have the same initials. They have different middle names though. We didn’t have any idea what we were going to name our son until the day before he was born. We didn’t decide on a middle name until the day after he was born. We hope that people won’t give him a nickname and just call him William, but I am also ok if people start calling him Will.

He just turned 7 months old. He is sitting up on his own. However we aren’t sure if he is going to crawl first or walk. He has been able to support his own weight since about 4 months and we swore he was going to walk first. He saw a little girl crawling at the doctors office and since then has instead been trying like crazy to crawl and stand from a sitting position.

I developed preeclampsia during my pregnancy and William had to come early. He was born at 36 weeks and 5 days, with no stay in the NICU. Praise the Lord! He was born at 5 pounds, 8.5 ounces. Even though he was early he has caught up very fast on his weight and height. He is also developmentally on track so far. No major issues and I pray it stays that way. I will be blogging more about my pregnancy and labor later on.

William’s favorite food is by far banana. He also likes butternut squash and chicken. I make all my own baby food and try to use organic ingredients whenever possible. We do let him watch some kids shows in the morning when we are waking up and getting breakfast or when I am trying to complete schoolwork. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Octonauts, and Chuggington. He is a motion and sound baby. He has to have noise in the room to sleep soundly. He also loves car rides and going out to Walmart. Overall he has been very inquisitive from an early age and I can see that he will be a handful when he gets moving.

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