Introductions: My Husband

I met my husband on my first day in public high school. I had been home-schooled most of my life, except for 4th and 5th grade. We were taking the same video class. I probably would have never really talked to him except for in class if he hadn’t offered to let me sit with him at lunchtime. We developed a friendship which eventually turned into love. Neither of us would admit that until March though. On my birthday I finally told him that I liked him. We have had a pretty rough relationship. My parents did not like him at all, both he and I made some mistakes, and we even spent a summer apart where we were not allowed any contact at all. All of this actually made us stronger. We learned to communicate, not fight over the little things, and ways to keep the romance going even when we couldn’t spend time together. We got married last June with a small family ceremony and a bigger reception with family and friends after.

My husband is a very stubborn man with a big heart. He’s my rock. He pushes me when I want to give up. He relaxes by reading, playing some video games (only when our baby boy is sleeping), and sometimes watching anime. As you can see from the photos he prefers his hair long. He does cut it about once a year, when it gets long enough to annoy him. Currently he works 12 hour shifts at a local bakery. He is debating between continuing his education by going to school to become a veterinarian or going to culinary school.

You will definitely be hearing more about my husband as I write. So for now this is all I’ll share. You can see some basic facts about hubby in the ‘About Me’ section of this site.

From left to right; My husband after we got married, My husband with long hair, with short hair, and when we first started dating.

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